When I called and emailed Dora’s SOM initially my queries were answered and I was put in touch with Roger . He also provided encouragement and praise and told me when I was doing things right which was essential for my confidence to grow. He always gave me space to ask questions and never made me feel like I was asking a stupid question or that I was inconveniencing him. He would explain things clearly and answer any questions I had in an easy-to-understand way. I liked the way he would draw and write on a notepad to help me visualise what I was doing and I liked his use of small toy cars as this helped me understand how and where the car was moving when I did certain things, it definitely helped me when he was explaining my manoeuvres! He was always friendly and professional and I enjoyed getting to know him and chatting to him over the year and a half I had lessons with him. He was always flexible and helpful when it came to booking my lessons and would fit me in when I wanted him to if at all possible. He always apologised if he was late and would make up the time so that my lesson didn’t run short because of it. He would also make time at the end of a lesson to recap over how the lesson had gone, if there was anything I needed to practice and answer any questions I had. He was kind and sensitive when and helped me to improve in the areas I needed to work on as well as building up my confidence and helping me overcome my terrible nerves. Overall, I was very happy with him and I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor."uickly so I was pleased with the customer service. As for Roger, he is a fantastic driving instructor. He was always patient with me and offered kind, constructive criticism to help me improve.
I'm delighted to have passed first time round and put my success down to Dora and her superb tuition.Without a patient, reliable and friendly tutor I couldn't have done it! I 100% recommend this driving school
I first contacted Dora after my sister had learnt to drive with her a few years ago. I'd just like to thank Dora for her fantastic tuition which helped me and my sister to pass our driving tests first time. Lessons were well structured and full of encouragement leaving me feeling well prepared as I approached my test. She is a sensitive, accommodating and knowledgeable instructor and I would not hesitate in recommending her. Thank you! Thank you again for all your help you've been brilliant.
Dora really is an excellent instructor. I booked a 10 hour block of lessons with her for £210, and only 2-3 lessons in, she already taught me twice as much as my previous instructor had in 5.
Steve Douglas is a fantastic Instructor, I am very happy with him
I can't thank you enough Dora for being so patient and encouraging and making me believe I could do it!
I cannot praise Steve Davenport highly enough for his experience and patience
I have learned more in two lessons with Dora's than I did in 30 with my previous Instructor"Natalie, March 2012:"Me and my brother have been taught by Dora's and will continue to teach other family members as I will highly recommend them
I passed my driving test with Roger yesterday morning and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank your School and in particular Roger for the help, guidance and support that I've received whilst having lessons with your school. I have found Roger to be patient, accommodating and particularly pleasant throughout and believe that his skills as a teacher in identifying my faults has played a crucial part in helping me identify, understand the rectify them with relative ease and comfort. He managed to find a way to teach me without overloading me with information whilst insuring that I mastered the skills that are necessary to get my full licence. I will be recommending him as and when the opportunity arise.
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